About Ashram

As is the natural habit of a Yogi, Lalbapa used to continuously wander from one place to another since his childhood. Once, he arrived at Hathijan village (the present location of Amardham Lal Gebi Ashram), which is about 9 km from Maninagar, Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), and took rest below the solitary Need Tree there. Lalbapa felt a strange fascination with this place and it inspired him to halt there.

The Thakor people of Hathijan recognized him as a Yogi and requested him to make it his permanent abode. Moved by their entreaties, Lalbapa decided to stay on, and on Vikram Savant 2029 Ashadh Sud Poonam, i.e. on the auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima, 27/7/1972, he inaugurated “Amardham.”

Since then, the Ashram has been gradually developing and adding extensions such as Guru Gadi, Naklank Darbar, Bhojanalay, Gaushala, Guest House, Gebi Satsang Hall, various temples, and Lalbapa Samadhi Sthal.

The Amardham Ashram is based on the “Satya Sanatan Dharma” founded by Ramdevji Bhagwan (believed to be an avatar of Lord Krishna). The fundamental tenets of Satya Sanatan Dharma are that people of all religions are equal and cannot be differentiated on the basis of their caste. It welcomes people of all religions and castes, and does not encourage or expect them to convert. Everyone is free to participate in all the events taking place at the Ashram, enter the temple without any hesitation or permission, and relish the Mahaprasad (blessed food) of Harihar.

The motto of the Ashram is “Seva, Bhakti, Sadavrat.”